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FCI - Your Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!

The Compensation Plan

Here's a conservative example: Let's say it takes you 30 days to get 4 people to call the toll free recording, receive the form, fill it out and send it to FCI.

Then, if each of those 4 do the same, in the same amount of time, you'll have 16 people on level 2 after 2 months.  If those 16 people do the same, and so on, in only 6 months, you will have 4096 people on your 6th level, and guess what? YOU will receive a monthly CHECK IN THE MAIL for 5% of the long distance usage of EACH of those 4096 people on your 6th level, for as long as they stay on the service and want to keep saving money on their long distance phone bill.


Check out the amazing income potential with FCI!

Just Save Money Now, Spread the Word, and Receive Your Monthly Commission Check!
A Simple Example of your Earnings Potential with the FCI "Share the Wealth" Opportunity:"*
Level People Sponsored Total People Sponsored Commission
1 You sponsor 4 people 4 1%
2 Those 4 each sponsor 4 more 16 0.25%
3 Those 16 each sponsor 4 more 64 0.25%
4 Those 64 each sponsor 4 more 256 0.25%
5 Those 256 each sponsor 4 more 1024 0.25%
6 Those 1024 each sponsor 4 more 4096 5%

You will receive a 5% residual income check on the long distance usage of EACH of the people on your 6th level! If each person in the sample illustration above were to average $20 in long distance usage per month, you would receive 5% x $20, or $1.00 per account, per month, or over $4000 PER MONTH IN LONG TERM, ONGOING, MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME

Your market is the entire United States of America!  Wherever there are telephones, you may sponsor someone... The Toll Free Information & Registration Hotline works from all 50 States.

Think of it.  If you could interest a very realistic figure of just 4 people in your first month, and each of those 4 did the same, and so on, in six months you would have 4096 people on your 6th level, earning you over $4,000 per month.

* The potential income figures above are for educational and illustrative purposes only, and in no way do they guarantee any specific income as a result of any participant's marketing efforts

Now here's a thought for you. What if you are able to get *40* people to call and sign up instead of just 4? Even if the other numbers remained the same you could feasibly add another zero to the end of that monthly income!!!

How does $4000, $5000, $10,000 or even potentially $40,000 per MONTH sound???

Again, there is No Cost to be a representative.

The Product

FCI offers big savings on something that we and 120 MILLION customers ALREADY use and buy - long distance phone service. The beauty is, you don't have to sell anything to promote this program. People already buy long distance service. You'll just save them money, not to mention give them the opportunity to earn money.

You'll save up to 50% right away with a super low FLAT RATE of just 12.9 cents per minute on ALL interstate continental long distance phone usage, even calls in the middle of the day!

Compare that to the other long distance carriers:

15 Minute Weekday Call from New York to Los Angeles
Carrier Rate Cost of Call
AT&T True USA 27 cents/minute $4.05
MCI F&F 27 cents / minute $4.05
Sprint Sense 22 cents / minute $3.30
FCI 12.9 cents / minute $1.95

FCI beats AT&T, MCI, and SPRINT hands down.

The rates for interstate long distance are a low, flat 12.9 cents per minute (anytime, day and night) with only a small $3.00 monthly service fee, plus that rate applies if you have an 800 # as well! If you already have an 800 #, keep it, but pay a LOT less for usage! There will be NO CHANGE in the way you place a long distance call, i.e. dial 1 + the area code and phone number. If you're in an MLM program or business already, this program will go along nicely with those programs too. The rates for intrastate calls are low also, they vary by state and time of day but are generally within a few cents of the 12.9 interstate rate and in some cases are less.

Overview: Who is 1) WilTel 2) UniDial, and 3) FCI?

1) Founded in 1985, WilTel owns and operates a nationwide fiber-optic network, one of only four in the United States, with access to more than 30,000 system miles. WilTel pioneered the technique of pulling fiber-optic cable through decommissioned oil and gas pipelines. This approach results in the most secure routes in the industry, and as a result, over one half of the U.S.A.'s Fortune 100 corporations trust and utilize WilTel as their long distance carrier. As a full service telecommunications company, WilTel provides data, voice, and video products and services worldwide and is currently the fourth largest long distance carrier in the U.S.A.

2) UniDial, Inc. is one of the largest resellers for WilTel, having signed a million long-term agreement on June 5th, 1995 - the largest ever in reseller history. This strategic partnership demonstrates UniDial's aggressive plan to penetrate the reseller market, which is growing by leaps and bounds. In 1994, the reseller industry reached .25 billion, and the segment is expected to increase to more than billion by 1998.

By taking advantage of UniDial's massive buying power, individuals such as yourself now have access to a fabulous new long distance rate. If you are currently using AT&T, MCI, SPRINT or one of the other long distance services you might be paying as much as 28 cents per minute for your long distance calls.

You may now call anytime, for 12.9 per minute (Interstate) with absolutely no minimum commitment and you don't have to wait until 5:00 PM to get this great low rate! Also, there will be no change in the way you place a long distance call - just dial 1+ the area code and phone number.

3) FreedomStarr Communications Incorporated is a telecommunications network marketing company representing UniDial, Inc. Our firm provides marketing support and an ingenious distribution mechanism to a network of independent "customer / representatives" all over the United States of America.

FCI offers US residents a very simple, yet powerful way to both save money and earn a substantial long term residual income in the exciting telecommunications industry, with very little effort aside from sharing a toll free recorded hotline phone number with others. Because of the simplicity of FCI's Share the Wealth program, no sales ability or experience is required. In fact, you may build your income without ever speaking with another human being! This revolutionary new concept is taking the nation by storm, and we welcome you and invite you to become a part of our success.

$15/Month Unlimited Usage Internet Account

Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately we are temporarily unable to provide Internet access. We are currently reworking our system in an effort to bring forth an even better service in the very near future. Please visit here again periodically so you will know about our new service as soon as it is available. If you would like us to inform you when the new service is online, please E-mail us and we will contact you. Thanks again for your patience. We look forward to helping you soon.

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