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Here is a Collection of Very Weird and Interesting
Links. I hope you will have lots of Fun
while you browse around.

Addicted to: Stuff
Cursing in Sweedish
Undress Nick
Change People's URL's with something Funny
Meet Jack Shit
The Lost Elvis Diaries
Bad Answer Man - More Questions
Hillary's Hair
Bad Answer Man

Golf Around The World
Strawberry Pop Tart Blow Torches
The Blue M&M
Dead Cats
Cindy Crawford Concentration
Tic Tac Toe
Leisure Ventures
Amusement for the eyes
The Butt page
The Freak Show
50 Years of Bandaid
The Burrito Page
Bad Answer Man's Friends
A Message From Nick
The Dieters Book
Cow Tipping
Messages in the Workplace
The Mystic 9 Ball
The Condom Song
The Rude Things In My Fridge
Amazing Problem Solver
Buttons Galore
Snowball Throwing
The Daily Dump
Ask the ALL Knowing Bob!
Write Your Own Song
Get Your Butt Kicked On The Web
Confess your sins
Cybersights Hangman
Lovenets Guide To...
The Dream Page
The Living Graveyard
Want to write on the Bathroom wall?
Stupid Messages for your Answering Machine
The YECCH! Pick of the Day
Get FREE Floppy Disks!
The Condom Vase
How To fill a Pez Dispenser
What's your Beef?
Talk to a Pussy Here!
Write a letter & It will be translated to JIVE
Mr. Bad Advice
Cool Toilet Seats for your Crapper
How to keep an Idiot busy for hours
Dump Your Beloved Electronically
Dog can Count
Want to KILL Barney?
The Jihad to distroy Barney!
Odd Elvis software
Amazing Relationship Problem Solver!
Wanna make a Raincoat?
Why ask Why?
125 Cheesiest Pick Up Lines
Scratch and Sniff
Find your missing Socks
Crazy Horoscope
Year 2000
Weird Cam
Dog Soup (Adventure?)
The "No Kids" Restaurant
Blonde Jokes
Love Coupon
Ask Mr. Angst-Answers your questions?
More Blonde Jokes
Need a Good Excuse?
Dead People Server
Kids say the cutest things
This guy will solve any Problem
Penis Enlargement
Unix haters handbook
The Internet Lunchcounter
Everybody's seen this!
Shakespearean Insult server
Click here at your own Risk!
Are you Bored?
Test your Clicking Speed
Ferret Frenzy
Clickable Anthony
Counting Page
Scabies Magazine
Condom Country

Try out this Maze
The Snorthog
Very Long Word
bianca's Sexual Feedback Forum
bianca's Menstrual Flow Forum
Vibrating Panties?
Internet Pizza delivered by E-Mail
Internet Pizza delivered to your Screen!
What is Sho Kuwamoto's Lunch today? (Who cares!)
EVERYTHING you ever wanted know about Cigars