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Welcome to Mr. Relationship's Bitch Letter Generator for Women!

Since the creation of Mr. Relationship's Apology Note Generator for the lovelorn males of the Web, I thought that a female version was appropriate.

But I just couldn't do it. It wasn't in me. In short, women don't apologize. So instead, I created the Bitch Letter Generator in the hopes that women will provide us with a consistent barage of criticism. As men can deal with anything consistent, the Bitch Letter Generator should smooth the rocky road of life by allowing men to anticipate, evade, and privately understand the odd ramblings of women the world over.

Therefore, just fill out the form below to reflect your intermost thoughts and send it off (click on the down arrow at the end of each text entry line to select other options).

I've been
and, unable to verbalize my feelings in a manner in which you would understand, I put the matter aside until I could conjure up a more focused thought to bear.

In a nutshell,
And another thing, then you'd better or

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