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Share The Wealth with True Residual Income !!!

FreedomStarr Communications Inc. (FCI)

New Program !!!

$0.129/Minute Remarkably Low Cost Long Distance
$15/Month Unlimited Usage Internet Access

A new business opportunity that gives you the potential to make easy money in your spare time. Better yet, everything is FREE.
This is among the best business opportunities we have ever seen.

Here's the catch ... NOTHING!!!

Nothing to join, just money to make.

Could YOU use an EXTRA $100, $1000, or even $10,000+

every month, whether you work or not?!


True Residual Income, Month After Month!

Dear Entrepreneur,

You are invited to participate in one of the most exciting opportunities of the decade! FreedomStarr Communications Incorporated (FCI) proudly announces the "Share the Wealth" true residual income program.

As an FCI representative, you will have the chance to build a truely long term, year-after-year, monthly residual income, with absolutely NO COST, NO WORK, and NO RISK. By using our unique and powerful TOLL FREE, 24 HOUR AUTOMATIC VOICEMAIL SPONSORING SYSTEM, you may build an EFFORTLESS, UNLIMITED RESIDUAL INCOME in the $100+ BILLION per year telecommunications industry.

And, here's the best part - our RECORDED INFORMATION & REGISTRATION HOTLINE WILL DO ALL OF THE WORK FOR YOU! Our state-of-the-art 800 Voicemail System can handle up to 256 SIMULTANEOUS CALLS from every state in the nation!

Please consider these facts:

More Information For You - The Compensation Plan
$15/Month Unlimited Internet Access Information

Again, Sign up is FREE and all you have to do is call a telephone number

PLEASE have your ID# ready when you call; Your FCI ID# consists of the FIRST 2 LETTERS of your LAST NAME, followed by the LAST 7 DIGITS of your Social Security Number. For example, if your name is John Doe, and your SS# is 123456789, then your FCI# would be: DO-3456789 (NOT JD-3456789!) Please speak clearly, and spell out the words in your message.

After you place your registration phone call you may IMMEDIATELY begin refering others to the same toll free phone number, and get credit for those referals, through 6 computer-tracked levels of your growing orgainzation. In 2 to 3 days, you will receive more information, registration forms, and a sample FCI glossy brochure in the mail.

Every month, you may receive a printed downline report showing every person who has called using your sponsor ID#, and every person signed on from levels 2 through 6.

This is the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME! Your chance of earning a SERIOUS MONTHLY INCOME in a very short period of time is very realistic!

Sign up NOW by calling the number below

Call 1-619-736-7800

e ready to give the following information:

1. Your Name
2. Your Address
3. Your Telephone number including area code
4. Your Sponsor's FCI ID# which is fr2444330
5. Your FCI ID# (The First 2 letters of your last name (lower case) and the last 7 digits of your Social Security Number) or any other 7 digits you will not forget, such as your phone number.
6. Sponsor Others NOW!!!!

NOTE: If you want to sign on by using an online form and get a Free WEB Page for promoting your business, DO NOT CALL the number above, just CLICK HERE. You'll be registered when your WEB Page is created!


Sponsor ID: fr2444330

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