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John's Page-Of-Links!!

Welcome to my Favorite Links Page. If you discover a link that no longer works, please let me know about it by sending me a note. You'll find an e-mail link located on the bottom of this page.

Besides the links found on this page grouped in the Major Category sections, you might find the following links interesting.

Want to get a WEB page? You can Automatically Create Your Own WEB Page
Want to let others know about a WEB page? Check out Places To Submit A WEB Page
If you would like to do some men stuff, then maybe you should visit A Place For Men
For us Big Time Investors, look at The Stock Market -Real-Time Quotes!
Really need weather info? Check out Local Satellite Views
Going over the "Hill"? First review the CalTrans Highway Conditions
If you like to hear it in real time, then Real Audio Links is for you!
How about Sending a Postcard to a friend?? Check it out!
Or maybe you're just interested in having some fun?? Look at these Weird links!

Useful WWW Sites

Menu by Major Category
IBM Related Sites Competitors Entertainment
OS/2 Resources Government Local Interest
Reference Material Magazines & Newspapers Kid's Stuff
Search Engines Miscellaneous Travel/Shipping
Web Resources Sports Do It Yourself

Search Engines
Yahoo Commercial Services on the Net Lycos Search
Inktomi Search excite Netsearch Places to go on the Net
The Virtual Yellow Pages AT&T Internet Toll Free 800 Directory Ifind - Inteligent Fast Parallel Search

Web Resources
Listing of Web Servers by Category Programming HTML/Backgrounds Guides to Writing HTML Documents
No excuses Toolkit Guide to Cyberspace IBM Internet Connection New User
IBM Network Computing The Internet Company Juno - Free e-mail service.

Reference Material
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Complete Guide to Garden Stuff How far is it?
City.Net United States Interactive Weather Browser On-line Reference Works

The White House The U.S. Congress Census Bureau Home Page
The Department of the Treasury United States Patent and Trademark Office U.S. Department Of Commerce Information Services
U.S. Department of Labor The United States Postal Service The Smithsonian Institution Home Page

Magazines and Newspapers
Business Week Byte PC Week
PC Computing PC Magazine Information Week Home Page
Computer Shopper The Washington Post C|net Online

IBM Related Sites
External Sites
International Business Machines Lotus Home Page IBM Personal Computer Co. BBS
IBM Personal Computers Home Page IBM Internet Connection Search IBM Web Pages
IBM Education . .

OS/2 Sites
OS/2 User Information Hobbs OS/2 FTP Site Computers:Operating Systems: OS/2
An OS/2 Warp Online Exploration Guide The OS/2 Web Mirror (New Jersey, USA) Indelible Blue Inc.

Other Hi-Tech Companies
Advanced Micro Devices AST Cannon
Cisco Systems Compaq Computer Corporation Dell Computers
Digital PC Fujitsu Hewlett-Packard
Microsoft Corporation Motorola Netcom Online Communications
Netscape Corporation Novell Sun Microsystems
Texas Instruments Zenith Data Systems .

Local Interest
State of California Online Guide to the San Francisco Bay Area Carmel by the Sea
California Universities - Home Pages Stanford University Home Page San Jose Sate University Home Page
San Francisco Bay Area CNN San Jose mercury news News KNTV-11 On-Line

Airline toll-free Numbers American Airlines Delta Aitlines
TWA - Trans-World Airlines United Airlines American Express
Federal Express UPS-United Parcel Service Airborne Express
Hilton Hotels Sheraton Worldwide Directory Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
Marriott International Radisson Hotels Westin Hotels & Resorts
Travel Web . .

Kid's Stuff
The Discovery Channel Beakman's World Disney
Kid's Corner Kid's Page .

The Dilbert Zone Classical MIDI Archives Ragtime Midi Files
THE PIANO PAGE Calvin and Hobbes Comics Gallery Entertainment: Calvin and Hobbes
WebMuseum of Art Index of Multimedia Pictures/Art Internet Movie search Database

Baseball Hockey Basketball
Football .

CompuServe's Web PRODIGY America Online
The Genealogy Home Page Helm's Genealogy Toolbox Rolls Royce of Beverly Hills
Cost of living Calculator Services Available on the Internet . .

Do It Yourself
Hometime Home Depot .

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